Streemerz 2

Streemerz 2 Godspeed Towards Oblivion

Remake of Streemerz on NES


  • Good sequel to the original
  • Easy to control and play


  • Very difficult in places
  • May be unstable

Not bad

Streemerz 2 Godspeed Towards Oblivion is a remake of Streemerz - the popular platform game for Nintendo's NES set in space.

Streemerz 2 features revamped graphics and three-dimensional-looking scenarios although your character always scrolls sideways in 2D. Your mission is to overcome the various dangers and obstacles that come your way with the help of your trusty climbing hook. The controls are very simple: just use the arrow keys and the X key to point the hook in the appropriate direction.

Streemerz 2 has been lovingly put together but can be over complicated at times, leading to quite a lot of frustration. However, it's worth persevering since the action becomes richer and more interesting as you progress. Note that Steemerz 2 is also prone to a certain amount of buggyness at times and you may experience frequent crashes too.

Streemerz 2 Godspeed Towards Oblivion will appeal to all those that were fans of the Nintendo NES original.

Streemerz 2


Streemerz 2 Godspeed Towards Oblivion

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